/*********************************************** - Version 9.50 - 24 July 2003 - Ger Versluis 2000 - original version - Version 9.5.1 - 20 may 2005 - Pier Luigi Covarelli (picov@e-link.it) > added dynamic PHP menu generation from config files > added support for special HTML entities under NS4 and DOM browsers ************************************************/ var NoOffFirstLineMenus=6; // Number of main menu items // Colorvariables: // Color variables take HTML predefined color names or "#rrggbb" strings // For transparency make colors and border color "" var LowBgColor=""; // Background color when mouse is not over var HighBgColor=""; // Background color when mouse is over var FontLowColor=""; // Font color when mouse is not over var FontHighColor=""; // Font color when mouse is over var BorderColor=""; // Border color var BorderWidthMain=10; // Border width main items var BorderWidthSub=1; // Border width sub items var BorderBtwnMain=1; // Border between elements main items 1 or 0 var BorderBtwnSub=1; // Border between elements sub items 1 or 0 var FontFamily="tahoma,arial,helvetica"; // Font family menu items var FontSize=9; // Font size menu items var FontBold=0; // Bold menu items 1 or 0 var FontItalic=0; // Italic menu items 1 or 0 var MenuTextCentered="left"; // Item text position left, center or right var MenuCentered="left"; // Menu horizontal position can be: left, center, right, justify, // leftjustify, centerjustify or rightjustify. PartOfWindow determines part of window to use var MenuVerticalCentered="top"; // Menu vertical position top, middle,bottom or static var ChildOverlap=.05; // horizontal overlap child/ parent var ChildVerticalOverlap=.2; // vertical overlap child/ parent var StartTop=-10; // Menu offset x coordinate var StartLeft=0; // Menu offset y coordinate var VerCorrect=-11; // Multiple frames y correction var HorCorrect=10; // Multiple frames x correction var LeftPaddng=5; // Left padding // su ie5mac devo impostare il doctype a HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN includendo il link al dtd http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd // altrimenti il TopPaddng causa bordi extra var TopPaddng=3; // Top padding var FirstLineHorizontal=1; // First level items layout horizontal 1 or 0 var MenuFramesVertical=0; // Frames in cols or rows 1 or 0 var DissapearDelay=300; // delay before menu folds in var UnfoldDelay=100; // delay before sub unfolds var TakeOverBgColor=1; // Menu frame takes over background color subitem frame var FirstLineFrame=""; // Frame where first level appears var SecLineFrame=""; // Frame where sub levels appear var DocTargetFrame=""; // Frame where target documents appear var TargetLoc="MenuPos"; // span id for relative positioning var MenuWrap=1; // enables/ disables menu wrap 1 or 0 var RightToLeft=0; // enables/ disables right to left unfold 1 or 0 var BottomUp=0; // enables/ disables Bottom up unfold 1 or 0 var UnfoldsOnClick=0; // Level 1 unfolds onclick/ onmouseover var BaseHref=""; // BaseHref lets you specify the root directory for relative links. // The script precedes your relative links with BaseHref // For instance: // when your BaseHref= "http://www.MyDomain/" and a link in the menu is "subdir/MyFile.htm", // the script renders to: "http://www.MyDomain/subdir/MyFile.htm" // Can also be used when you use images in the textfields of the menu // "MenuX=new Array("" // For testing on your harddisk use syntax like: BaseHref="file:///C|/MyFiles/Homepage/" var Arrws=["immagini/navigation_engine/comuni/menubar_triangolo_dx.gif",3,5,"immagini/navigation_engine/comuni/menubar_triangolo_giu.gif",6,6,"immagini/navigation_engine/comuni/menubar_triangolo_sx.gif",3,5,"immagini/navigation_engine/comuni/menubar_triangolo_su.gif",6,3]; //var Arrws=[BaseHref+"",5,10,BaseHref+"",10,5,BaseHref+"",5,10,BaseHref+"",10,5]; // Arrow source, width and height. // If arrow images are not needed keep source "" var MenuUsesFrames=0; // MenuUsesFrames is only 0 when Main menu, submenus, // document targets and script are in the same frame. // In all other cases it must be 1 var RememberStatus=2; // RememberStatus: When set to 1, menu unfolds to the presetted menu item. // When set to 2 only the relevant main item stays highligthed // The preset is done by setting a variable in the head section of the target document. // var SetMenu="2_2_1"; // 2_2_1 represents the menu item Menu2_2_1=new Array(....... var PartOfWindow=.7; // PartOfWindow: When MenuCentered is justify, sets part of window width to stretch to // Below some pretty useless effects, since only IE6+ supports them // I provided 3 effects: MenuSlide, MenuShadow and MenuOpacity // If you don't need MenuSlide just leave in the line var MenuSlide=""; // delete the other MenuSlide statements // In general leave the MenuSlide you need in and delete the others. // Above is also valid for MenuShadow and MenuOpacity // You can also use other effects by specifying another filter for MenuShadow and MenuOpacity. // You can add more filters by concanating the strings var BuildOnDemand=0; // 1/0 When set to 1 the sub menus are build when the parent is moused over var MenuSlide=""; //var MenuSlide="progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.RevealTrans(duration=.5, transition=19)"; var MenuSlide="progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.GradientWipe(duration=.5, wipeStyle=1)"; var MenuShadow=""; //var MenuShadow="progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.DropShadow(color=#888888, offX=2, offY=2, positive=1)"; //var MenuShadow="progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Shadow(color=#888888, direction=135, strength=3)"; var MenuOpacity=""; //var MenuOpacity="progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(opacity=75)"; function BeforeStart(){return} function AfterBuild(){return} function BeforeFirstOpen(){return} function AfterCloseAll(){return} // Menu tree: // MenuX=new Array("ItemText","Link","background image",number of sub elements,height,width,"bgcolor","bghighcolor", // "fontcolor","fonthighcolor","bordercolor","fontfamily",fontsize,fontbold,fontitalic,"textalign","statustext"); // Color and font variables defined in the menu tree take precedence over the global variables // Fontsize, fontbold and fontitalic are ignored when set to -1. // For rollover images ItemText format is: "rollover?"+BaseHref+"Image1.jpg?"+BaseHref+"Image2.jpg" // Imposto il menu da evidenziare come corrente var SetMenu="1_0_0"; // Genero i menu dinamici in base ai file di configurazione Menu1=new Array("rollover?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_1_off.gif?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_1_on.gif","index.php","",0,27,31,"","","","","","",-1,-1,-1,"",""); Menu2=new Array("rollover?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_2_off.gif?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_2_on.gif","chisiamo/../index.php","",0,27,82,"","","","","","",-1,-1,-1,"",""); Menu3=new Array("rollover?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_3_off.gif?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_3_on.gif","servizi/../index.php","",0,27,82,"","","","","","",-1,-1,-1,"",""); Menu4=new Array("rollover?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_4_off.gif?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_4_on.gif","tecnologie/../index.php","",0,27,82,"","","","","","",-1,-1,-1,"",""); Menu5=new Array("rollover?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_5_off.gif?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_5_on.gif","software/../index.php","",0,27,82,"","","","","","",-1,-1,-1,"",""); Menu6=new Array("rollover?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_6_off.gif?immagini/navigation_engine/it/menubar_tasto_6_on.gif","portfolio/../index.php","",0,27,82,"","","","","","",-1,-1,-1,"","");