iCup 2014 Brazil for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

The FIFA Brazil 2014 competition into your hands and in your language!

Version 1.5:

- fixed iPad stage 2 bug
- added referee data
- results of matches still in progress are highlighted
- added Hungarian, Serbian, Maltese and Portuguese Euro languages
and there is one more thing...
- events could show a link to a web resource for additional details

Note: experimental feature with availability not guaranted and subject to change

iPhone and iPad

Download links

v 1.5

v 1.5

OS and platform iOS 5.1.1
or later
iOS 5.1.1
or later
Live results
Groups data
Stage 2 table
Switchable UI style (classic or iOS7)
Social networks comments
Multilanguage support
Retina display
Detailed Data
(match events, formations, statistics)
In-App purchase
Audio Kit
(national anthems and stadium sound effects)
In-App purchase
Premium update servers


  • Unmatched device and iOS compatibility: a single universal app that works from iPhone 3GS with iOS 5.1.1 to the latest iPhone 5 and iPad Air with iOS 7.1 optimized for Retina Display
  • User interface switchable into two flavours (Classic and iOS7) and designed for fast access to all data (use official FIFA groups color and matches numeration)
  • Unified management of the calendar from the first game to the finals
  • Download and show real-time data about matches schedule, results, scorers, formations, events, statistics and progression of the teams
  • Can display and handle correctly the results and statistics of the matches ended at penalty stage (unlike other Apps)
  • Exclusive "2nd Stage" graphical and interactive scoreboard with flipping cells to access scorers and details
  • Instant update (even on mobile carrier network) thanks to an optimized and compressed data structure (only few KB)
  • "Shake device to update" function enabled on all panels
  • Support for full and instant localization of the user interface thanks to an custom language plug-ins system (you can make request to add your language)
  • Can compute the matches date and time referrred to your timezone setting


  • "Home" panel:

- Shows countdown (to the first match and then to the final)
- Shows the matches of the day with automatically positioning
- Lets you scroll in all previous and following days
- Allow access to the detail of the matches shown

  • "Matches" panel:

- Shows the complete schedule ordered by date or by stage
- Supports live search
- Allow access to the detail of the matches shown

  • "Groups" panel:

- Show the teams by groups
- Displays statistics about matches played, won, draw, lost, goals for and against and the points
- Allow to sort teams by points order

  • "2nd Stage" panel:

- Graphically displays the scoreboard of the second phase
- The board is scrollable and interactive: click on the cells to rotate and display the scorers on the back and access all the detailed match info

  • "Options" panel:

- language selection
- set up options for auto update, interface style, timezone conversion and data reset.

  • "Mach Detail" panel:

- show scorers, time events, statistics and formations of the selected match
- allow access to national anthems and audio effects for a immersive experience
- allow to share and comment matchs results un Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus


iCup 2014 FREE - Brazil for iPhone allow you to test the App if you're unsure to buy it. This FREE version is almost the same of the LIVE version but with this differences:

  • Detailed match events, statistic and formation are available trough InApp Purchase
  • Audio anthems and stadium effects area are available trough InApp Purchase
  • Show ADs banners tha could be removed trough InApp Purchase

Planned updates based on users feed-back:

- event notifications
- global statistics data
- teams information
- more info on venues/locations

Looking for a desktop version of this app?

Try our iCup 2014 Brazil LIVE & FREE app available for Mac, Windows and Linux platform.

About the author
Pier Luigi Covarelli ::
E-Link Web Solutions :: :: Perugia - Italy

- cross-browser compatible and W3C standard compliant web sites
- graphics and multimedia
- Custom FileMaker database solutions
- Custom RealStudio software developement
- PHP/MySQL web dynamic apps
- iPhone/iPad app
- MacOS and Linux network management and consulting

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Latest news

20 june 2014
The app received a very good feedback from many users, but there is a noticeable exception: the AppStore where I'm collecting some strange bad reviews, so these are explanations for some of you!

17 june 2014
Version 1.4 available with all desktop platforms.
(updated with last minute players changes, fixed bug in group F data, added some languages and implemented an experimental one more thing...).

13 june 2014
Version 1.3 available only for Linux that fix a bug on 64-bit system.
Linux installation instructions page created.

11 june 2014
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8 june 2014
Version 1.2 available with all official Barzil 2014 players.
Be sure to update to get correct scorers during competition.

15 may 2014
Software Award 5/5 stars just received from

Supported Languages
(version 1.5)
Italian (Italiano)
Spanish (Español)
thanks to Luca Marcaccioli
Spanish - México (Español - Mexico)
thanks to Jorge Gutiérrez
Spanish - Argentina (Español - Argentina)
thanks to Leonardo Daniel Pane
French (Français)
thanks to Luca Marcaccioli
German (Deutsch)
thanks to Stephan Staub
Swedish (Svenska)
thanks to Tobbe Sunesson
Danish (Dansk)
thanks to Andreas Steinmann
Russian (Русский)
thanks to Евгений Троицкий
Portuguese/Brazilian (Português/Brasileiro)
thanks to Fernando Tidei and Paulo Neto
Portuguese/Euro (Português/Euro)
thanks to Dick Spade
Vietnamese (Việt)
thanks to Thanh Trực
Finnish (suomi)
thanks to Juha Metsäkallas
Norwegian (Bokmål)
thanks to Terje Christiansen
Slovenian (Slovenščina)
thanks to GRINIT d.o.o.
Hebrew (עברית)
thanks to Avi Laredo
Romanian (Română)
thanks to Razvan Florescu and Emanuel Ciornei
Dutch (Nederlands)
thanks to Francis Willems and Dirk Cleenwerck
Turkish (Türkçe)
thanks to Kıvanç Karaca
Croatian (Hrvatski)
thanks to Tomislav Kordaso
Arabic (العربية)
thanks to Hatim Al Sum and Mahmoud Al Nagar
Greek (Ελληνικά)
thanks to Γιώργος Λιαπάκης and Παρασκευούλα Νταή
Polish (Polski)
thanks to Bartosz Malczewski
Bulgarian (Български)
thanks to Atanas Petrov and Presian Yankulov
Ukrainian (Українська)
thanks to Vasyl Stakhyra
Chinese (Traditional) 中文(繁體)
thanks to Eric Kwan
Chinese (Simplified) 中文(简体)
thanks to Eric Kwan
Slovak (Slovenčina)
thanks to Miroslav Kovacik
Georgian (ქართული)
Thanks to Giorgi Papiashvili
Czech (Česky)
Thanks to Petr Sipek
Persian (فارسی)
Thanks to Ardalan Asgari
Armenian (Հայերեն)
Thanks to Микаел Костанян
Hungarian (magyar)
Thanks to Zoltán Salek and Zoltán Kraus
Serbian (Српски)
Thanks to Joshida Kagero
Maltese (Malti)
Thanks to Daniel P Bartolo
Japanese (日本語) language needed !
Someone interested?
Korean (한국어/조선말) language needed !
Someone interested?

= available
= available with next appstore update
= under developement (don't email us)

Note: You didn't find your language into the list or you want to improve an existing localization?
Click the (+) Add your language button to contact us: we will send you a little text file to translate (from english) and with the next AppStore update you'll enjoy a fully localized app.

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