The World Cup BRAZIL 2014 edition is here !!!
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The EURO 2012 Cup Poland-Ukraine into your desktop (also) !!!

ABOUT ICUP EURO 2012 - Public Beta

Dear users,
many of you have asked for the availability of the EURO 2012 edition of our traditional desktop software for managing UEFA and FIFA tournaments.

This year we not released the software because we decided that the application, started with France 1998 World Cup, was too aged and too limited.

The good news is that we also decided to rewrite from scratch a completely new version of the application by porting most of the features of our great iOS iPhone/iPad version to the desktop platform.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is a public beta quality software
Since the iOS version took most of our time and since this project was started only two weeks ago, there are still a lot more space for improvements and optmization but the EURO 2012 competition is about to end so we decided to release the actual developement status: you can consider this as a little preview for FIFA Brazil 2014 World Cup !!!

The iCup developement team



With this program you can view matches schedule, groups and second stage table and detailed information about scorers, events, statistics and formations of every match. The online update get real-time data during matches time.

  • Fully localizable on the fly in 27 languages (use the language menu into the option panel)
  • Exclusive flexible user interface that adapt the data size to the window dimensions
  • Searchable matches calendar also groupable by day or stage
  • Graphical visualization of groups and 2° stage
  • Support for the conversion of the matches dates and time based on your local timezone and your system format.
  • Direct linking for commenting the results into your preferred social network (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)
  • Proxy support (basic and digest authentication method supported)


  • Macintosh
    Mac OS X 10.4 or better (the application is universal binary)
  • Windows
    Windows 2000/XP or better includes Vista/7
  • Gnu/Linux
    i386 platform (require GTK+ 2.x and

Looking for an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad HD version?

Try our iCup HD+ EURO 2012 LIVE & FREE app available into the app store. You can get the FREE version and, if you like the app, you can enjoy the full LIVE version with real-time results update and fully localized user interface.

About the author
Pier Luigi Covarelli ::
E-Link Web Solutions :: :: Perugia - Italy

- cross-browser compatible and W3C standard compliant web sites
- graphics and multimedia
- Custom FileMaker database solutions
- Custom RealStudio software developement
- PHP/MySQL web dynamic apps
- iPhone/iPad app
- MacOS and Linux network management and consulting

If you like this software feel free to send
your little contribution to the author...

Thanks !!!

Mac OS X  v 1.0 Public Beta

Windows  v 1.0 Public Beta

Linux/i386  v 1.0 Public Beta

  • download link available soon...

Language Status
Italian (Italiano)
Spanish (Español)
French (Français)
German (Deutsch)
thanks to Stephan Staub
Swedish (Svenska)
thanks to Tobbe Sunesson
Danish (Dansk)
thanks to Andreas Steinmann
Russian (Русский)
thanks to Евгений Троицкий
Portuguese/Brazilian (Português/Brasileiro)
thanks to Fernando Tidei and Paulo Neto
Vietnamese (Việt)
thanks to Thanh Trực
Norwegian (Bokmål)
thanks to Terje Christiansen
Slovenian (Slovenščina)
thanks to Juka Jurinič
Hebrew (עברית)
thanks to Avi Laredo
Romanian (Română)
thanks to Razvan Florescu
Dutch (Nederlands)
thanks to Francis Willems
Turkish (Türkçe)
thanks to Kıvanç Karaca
Croatian (Hrvatski)
thanks to
Arabic (العربية)
thanks to Hatim Al Sum
Greek (Ελληνικά)
thanks to Λιαπάκης Γιώργος
Polish (Polski)
thanks to Butterfly Group
Bulgarian (Български)
thanks to Atanas Petrov
Ukrainian (Українська)
thanks to Vasyl Stakhyra
Chinese (Traditional) 中文(繁體)
thanks to Eric Kwan
Chinese (Simplified) 中文(简体)
thanks to Eric Kwan
Slovak (Slovenčina)
thanks to Miroslav Kovacik
Georgian (ქართული)
Thanks to Giorgi Papiashvili
Czech (Česky)
Thanks to Petr Sipek
Japanese (日本語) language needed!
Someone interested?

= available
= available with next appstore update
= under developement (don't email us)

Note: You didn't find your language into the list or you want to improve an existing localization?
Click the (+) Add your language button to contact us: we will send you a little text file to translate (from english) and with the next AppStore update you'll enjoy a fully localized app.

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